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Automotive Technician Training, Automotive Technician Training PDF, Automotive Technician Training By Tom Denton

Automotive Technician Training

Automotive Technician Training By Tom Denton

Automotive Technician Training
Automotive Technician Training

Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton PDF

Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton:
Produced alongside the ATT online learning resources, this textbook covers all the theory and technology sections that students need to learn in order to pass levels 1, 2, and 3 automotive courses.

It is recommended by the Institute of the Motor Industry and is also ideal for exams run by other awarding bodies.

Unlike the current textbooks on the market though, this title takes a blended learning approach, using interactive features that make learning more enjoyable as well as more effective.

automotive technician training book

Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton

Introduction of Automotive Technician Training PDF

This book Automotive Technician Training is for use with the ‘Automotive Technician Training’ blended eLearning material. The text and images are the same on the screen and in this book – most importantly, the images on the screen are much larger and often animated.

Diagrams Most of the diagrams in this book have numbered (or similar) labels. Use the computer material to find out what the labels should say and then write them into the book. In some cases, there will be a blank space where the diagram from the screen should be drawn. 

Notes Use this book as a workbook, make notes, add bullet points, underline things, make sketches, and highlight important points. This is your book, so use it in whatever way works for you!

Online In most cases you will probably access the computer-based materials through a college or training centre. However, the learning screens, questions, worksheets, activities (and more!) are also available at  atttraining com. 

Structure The main part of this textbook is set out as four units (engines, chassis, electrical, and transmission), which are then divided into chapters that cover major areas of the vehicle; brakes and steering for example.

The structure of the computer-based material may be in a slightly different order but it is easy to find what you need.

Worksheets Practical worksheets, for use under supervision in the workshop, are included in a separate book as a PDF or printing. These match all the tasks outlined in this book as well as cover more practical activities. source: Automotive Technician Training.

Automotive Technician Training pdf

Some Picture of Automotive Technician Training:

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CONTENTS of Automotive Technician Training PDF
  • - Acknowledgments.
  • - How to Use this Book.
  • - General Introduction.
  • - Vehicle Layouts and Introduction.
  • - Health and Safety on Vehicles.
  • - Maintenance, Regulations, and Information.
  • - Workshop Bench Skills.
  • - Valeting.
  • - The Motor Trade.
  • - Background Studies.
  • - Safety and General Units.
  • - Contribute to Workplace Good Housekeeping.
  • - Ensure your own Action Reduce Risks to Health and safety.
  • - Maintain Positive Working Relationships.
  • - Engine Systems.
  • - Engine Mechanical.
  • - Engine Lubrication.
  • - Engine Cooling.
  • - Air Supply, Exhaust, and Emissions.
  • - Ignition.
  • - Fuel Systems.
  • - Electrical Systems.
  • - Electrical and Electronic Principles.
  • - Engine Electrical.
  • - Lighting and Indicators.
  • - Body Electrical and Electronic Systems.
  • - Monitoring and Instrumentation.
  • - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.
  • - Chassis Systems.
  • - Suspension.
  • - Steering.
  • - Brakes.
  • - Wheels and Tyres.
  • - Transmission Systems.
  • - Manual Transmission Clutch.
  • - Manual Transmission Gearbox.
  • - Transmission Driveline.
  • - Final Drive and Differential.
Download Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton in PDF format for free.

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