The Kite Runner Paperback by Khaled Hosseini PDF free

The 1 New York Times bestselling debut novel that introduced Khaled Hosseini to millions of readers the world over.

The Kite Runner Paperback by Khaled Hosseini PDF free

the kite runner paperback

the kite runner paperback

The Kite Runner Paperback by Khaled Hosseini PDF free: Amir remembers an event that happened 26 years ago, when he was still a boy in Afghanistan, and says that it made him who he was.

Before the event, he lived in a beautiful house in Kabul, Afghanistan, with his father's father.

They have two servants, Ali and his son, Hassan, from Hazara, an ethnic minority. An intimate friend of Pope, Rahim Khan, is often present.

When the king of Afghanistan is overthrown, things start to change. One day Amir and Hassan playinging when they run into three boys, Asif, Wali, and Kamal. Asif threatens to beat Amir because of hanging around with Hazara, but Hassan uses a slingshot to stop Asif.
The Kite Runner Paperback by Khaled Hosseini PDF free

The story moves to winter when the kite-fighting tournament takes place. The boys cover the strings of kites in the glass and battle to see who can cut the opposition kite series. 

When you lose a kite, chase the boys and retrieve them, called kite run. When Amir wins the championship, Hassan runs to run the losing kite. 

Amir looks for him and finds Hassan trapped at the end of an alley, and his pants are fixed on him. He is detained by Wali and Kamal and raped by Asif. 

Amir escapes, and when Hassan appears with the kite, Amir pretends that he does not know what happened. After that, Amir and Hasan split. 

A prince, who suffers from guilt, decides that he or Hassan must leave. He packed the money and watched under a good pillow and told Papa that Hassan stole it.

When Baba confronts them, Hassan admits it, though he does not. After a while, Ali and Hassan get away.

The story moves on to March 1981. Baba and Amir are in the back of a truck as they flee Kabul, invaded by the Soviets and became a war zone. 

After the flight of hell, they arrived in Pakistan. Two years later, a papa and prince live in Fremont, California.

While Baba works in a gas station, the Emir finishes high school and goes to college. Papa and Amir sell things in a flea market on Sunday, and Papa sees an old friend, General Tahiri. Amir notices the daughter of General Tahiri, a chandelier.

When Amir finally talks to her, General Tahiri recognizes him and tells him that there is an appropriate way to do things. Not long after, Papa was diagnosed with lung cancer. 

Amir asks Baba whether he will get General Tahiri's approval from Amir by marrying Thuraya. Gen. Taheri accepts the proposal.

Residing the wedding quickly because of their health of Alibaba, Alibaba dies a month later. 

Amir and Sira tried unsuccessfully to have a child while Amir was working in his writing career.

Prince received a call from Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan is sick and wants to see him as a prince in Pakistan. Amir met him one week later and Rahim Khan Amir told him about the devastation in Kabul.

He says things are getting worse after the Soviets are forced out. Now the Taliban rule with violence.

He has the privilege to ask a prince, but first, he must tell him about Hassan. When Baba and the Afghan emir left, Rahim Khan saw their house. 

Because of loneliness and because he grows up, he decided to find good. Hassan and Hassan's wife, Farzana, persuaded him to return to Kabul with him. Farzana and Hassan had, in the end, a young boy, Sohrab.

A few years later Rahim Khan went to Pakistan for medical treatment, but he received a call from a neighbour in Kabul. 

The Taliban went to Baba's house and shot Hassan and Farzana and sent Sohrab to an orphanage.

Rahim Khan wants Amir to go to Kabul and return Sohrab to Pakistan, where a couple will care. The prince tells that Papa was the father of Hassan, and the prince agrees to do so. In Afghanistan, Amir found an orphanage where he is supposed to be a seer, but he is not there.

The director of the orphanage says a Taliban official took a siren a month ago. If Amir wants to find the official, he will be on the football field during the match the next day.

Amir goes to the game, and half the time, the Taliban put a man and a woman in holes in the ground, and the official prince searches for stones to death. Through a Taliban guard, Amir held a meeting with the official.

When they meet, Amir tells the official that he is looking for a boy, Sohrab, and the guard tells the guard to bring the boy. The raven wears a blue silk mascara and costume, making him seem more feminine and suggesting that men sexually assault him.

The official says something Amir recognizes, and suddenly Amir realizes that the official is windy. Asif says he wants to settle some unfinished business. He won a prince with copper handles, broke the ribs of the prince, and split his lip.

Asher threatens Asif with his successor, and when he collides with him, he fires a sword at him in the eye, allowing a prince and a desert to escape. 

When Amir recovered in the hospital, he discovered that there had never been a couple who could take care of a scorpion. Amir asks Sohrab to live with him in the United States and accept the shrub.

Adoption officials say Amir Suhrab will be impossible because he can not prove that his parents Suhrab had died, and Amir told Sohrab that he might have to go back to an orphanage.

A prince and a secret man discovered a way to bring Suhrab to the United States, but before they could tell Suhrab, Suhrab was trying to kill himself. He lives, but he stops talking completely.

Even after bringing Suhrab to California, Sohrab remains withdrawn. One day, they go to a park with other Afghans. People fly kites. A prince buys one and gets an alien to fly by. 

They spot another kite and fight it. Using one of their favourite good tricks, they win. Smiling like a seagull, and with the flight of the losing kite, Amir ran to Suhrab.

Details about The Kite Runner Paperback by Khaled Hosseini :

  • Title: The Kite Runner Paperback.
  • Writer: Khaled Hosseini 
  • Category: Literature & Language
  • Genre: Novels
  • Language: English.
  • Size: 1.20 M.B
  • ISBN: 1-59488-000-1.

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