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The Art of Seduction book pdf

the art of seduction

the art of seduction

the art of seduction is a great ebook by Robert Greene.

the art of seduction:

the art of seduction
Book: the art of seduction

Preface: the art of seduction

Thousands of years ago, power was mostly gained through physical violence and maintained with brute strength. There was little need for subtlety-a king or emperor had to be merciless. 

Only a select few had power, but no one suffered under this scheme of things more than women. They had no way to compete, no weapon at their disposal that could make a man do what they wanted-politically, socially, or even in the home. 

Of course, men had one weakness: their insatiable desire for sex. A woman could always toy with this desire, but once she gave in to sex the man was back in control; and if she withheld sex, he could simply look elsewhere-or exert force. 

What good was a power that was so temporary and frail? Yet women had no choice but to submit to this condition. 

There were some, though, whose hunger for power was too great, and who, over the years, through much cleverness and creativity, invented a way of turning the dynamic around, creating a more lasting and effective form of power

These women-among them Bathsheba, from the Old Testament; Helen of Troy; the Chinese siren Hsi Shi; and the greatest of them all, Cleopatra-invented seduction. 

First, they would draw a man in with an alluring appearance, designing their makeup and adornment to fashion the image of a goddess come to life. By showing only glimpses of flesh, they would tease a man's imagination, stimulating the desire not just for sex but for something greater: the chance to possess a fantasy figure. 

Once they had their victims' interest, these women would lure them away from the masculine world of war and politics and get them to spend time in the feminine world-a world of luxury, spectacle, and pleasure. 

They might also lead them astray literally, taking them on a journey, as Cleopatra lured Julius Caesar on a trip down the Nile. Men would grow hooked on these refined, sensual pleasures-they would fall in love. But then, invariably, the women would turn cold and indifferent, confusing their victims.

Just when the men wanted more, they found their pleasures withdrawn. They would be forced into pursuit, trying anything to win back the favors they once had tasted and growing weak and emotional in the process.

Men who had physical force and all the social power-men like King David, the Trojan Paris, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, King Fu Chai-would find themselves becoming the slave of a woman.

In the face of violence and brutality, these women made seduction a sophisticated art, the ultimate form of power and persuasion. They learned to work on the mind first, stimulating fantasies, keeping a man wanting more, creating patterns of hope and despair-the essence of seduction. 

Their power was not physical but psychological, not forceful but indirect and cunning. These first great seductresses were like military generals planning the destruction of an enemy, and indeed early accounts of seduction often compare it to battle, the feminine version of warfare.

For Cleopatra, it was a means of consolidating an empire. In seduction, the woman was no longer a passive sex object; she had become an active agent, a figure of power.

the art of seduction pdf download

Here is some detail of download the art of seduction pdf of Robert Greene

  • Book Title: Animal Farm
  • Author: Robert Greene
  • Categories: Literature & Language
  • Genre: The Art, Literature, Fiction, Stories.
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 496 Pages
  • Size: 2,126 Mo
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  • format: PDF.
  • ISBN: 0-670-89192-4

The Art of Seduction 

Download The Art of Seduction  pdf eBook by Robert Greene


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