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computer shortcuts

500 + COMPUTER SHORTCUTS: A well compiled and tested shortcut keys combination for PC (Windows, Linux, Unix, and Apple Macintosh) for your use.

500 Computer Shortcuts Know is a book that helps you to know Keyboard Shortcut Keys.


the pic of computer shortcut keys pdf:

500 Computer Shortcuts PDF
500 Computer Shortcuts


Computer shortcuts help give a simpler and snappier technique for exploring and executing orders in PC programming. Shortcut keys are usually gotten to by utilizing the Alt key (on IBM perfect PCs), Command key (on Apple PCs), CTRL key, or SHIFT key related to another key.

The true standard for posting a shortcut is posting the modifier key, and or more images, and another key.

At the end of the day, "CTRL+S" is instructing you to press and hold the CTRL key, and afterward, press the S key as well. You can likewise discover the easy shortcuts in well-known projects by searching for underlined letters in their menus.

For instance, the document menu picture has an underline on the "F" in File, which implies you can press the Alt key and "F" key to get to the record menu.

shortcuts previews include:

  • windows
  • apple macintosh
  • Unix and Linux
  • Microsoft offices
  • Mozilla firefox
  • youtube
  • Microsoft frontpage
  • google chrome and many more

Computer Shortcuts

  • Alt + F  – File menu options in the current program
  • Alt + E  – Edit options in the current program
  • F1  – Universal help (for all programs)
  • Ctrl + A  – Select all text
  • Ctrl + X  – Cut selected item
  • Shift + Del – Cut selected item
  • Ctrl + C  – Copy selected item
  • Ctrl + Ins – Copy selected item
  • Ctrl + V  – Paste
  • Shift + Ins – Paste
  • Home  – Go to the beginning of the current line
  • Ctrl + Home – Go to the beginning of the document
  • End  –   Go to the end of the current line
  • Ctrl + End  – Go to the end of the document
  • Shift + Home – Highlight from the current position to the beginning of the line

Book info

  • Book Title: 500 + COMPUTER SHORTCUTS
  • Author: Jaden Stephen
  • Categories: Engineering
  • Genre: Computer Engineering.
  • Language: English.
  • Pages: 33 Pages
  • Size: 0, 306 Mo
  • format: PDF.
  • ISBN: Without ISBN
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