100 Ways to motivate others

100 Ways to motivate others

100 Ways to motivate others
  • 100 Ways to motivate others, how great leaders can produce Insane result without driving people crazy. he will teach you:
  • How to Motivate Others in a team?
  • how to motivate someone?
  • How to Motivate Others at work?
  • how to motivate yourself to lose weight?
  • how to motivate students?
  • how to motivate employees?
  • How to Motivate Other person?
  • Also, you will discover a lot of things with 100 ways to motivate others.

100 Ways to motivate others Book pdf

    Biography of STEVE CHANDLER Author of 100 Ways to motivate others

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    100 Ways to motivate others PDF
    100 Ways to motivate others

    STEVE CHANDLER is a consultant, trainer, author, and keynote speaker whose clients include over 100 Fortune 500 companies.

    Steve Chandler is a keynote speaker and corporate leadership coach with a large number of Fortune 500 clients. 

    He is also a popular convention speaker, (Arthur Morey of Renaissance Media said, “Steve Chandler is the most original and inspiring figure in the highly competitive field of motivational speaking.”) Chandler's first book, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, was named Chicago Tribune’s Audiobook of the Year in 1997.

    Chandler’s books, now in seven languages, have also become bestsellers around the world. source: 100 Ways to motivate others.
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    Summary of the book: 100 Ways to motivate others

    100 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Reinventing Yourself.
    Also, 100 Ways to motivate others is a good book. Every chapter offers a new little nugget of insight into motivating yourself and others. 

    Also, each chapter frames that insight in a way that makes it tangible- easy to apply and relate to. and the chapters of the book are short, so it’s easy to squeeze one in between tasks.

    STEVE CHANDLER and Richardson have crafted a vital, user-friendly, inspirational guide for executives, managers, and professionals…and those aspiring to reach their level.

    Breakthrough concepts, like “Don’t manage people, manage agreements,” abound in this book of short takes for the time-challenged leader.

    This book: 100 Ways to Motivate Others draws on the success of live workshops, seminars, and personal coaching programs on communications and leadership.

    These seminars, done for such organizations as Banner Health, General Dynamics, Scripps Hospital, Wells Fargo Banks, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and M&I Banks, appeal to managers, teachers, parents, CEOs, and coaches everywhere.

    Introduction of 100 Ways to motivate others

    Time to Play Go Fish 
    Don’t believe anything you read in this book. Even though these 100 easy pieces were written from real-life coaching and consulting experience, you won’t gain anything by trying to decide whether you believe any of them. 

    Belief is not the way to succeed here. The practice is the way.

    Grab a handful of these 100 tried and proven ways to motivate others and use them. Try them out. See what you get. Examine your results. That’s what will get you what you really want: motivated people.

    Most people we run into do what doesn’t work, because most people try to motivate others by downloading their own anxiety onto them. Parents do this constantly; so do managers and leaders in the workplace.

    They get anxious about their people’s poor performance and then they download that anxiety on their people. Now everybody’s tense and anxious!

    Downloading your anxiety onto someone only motivates that person to get away from you as quickly as possible. It doesn’t motivate them to do what you really want them to do. It doesn’t help them get the best out of themselves.

    Managers blame their own people for poor numbers when it’s really the manager’s responsibility. CEOs blame their managers when it’s really the CEO. They call consultants in a panic, talk about the numbers, and then ask, “Should we do FISH? Do you recommend FISH?”

    “FISH” is a current training fad that has a great deal of value in inspiring employees and focusing on the customer. But we don’t deliver fish in this book. We deliver an observation about fish. “A fish rots from the head down,” we remind the manager whose people are not performing. And that’s our version of fish.

    So, the first step in motivating others is for you, if you’re the leader wanting the motivation, to realize that “if there’s a problem, I’m the problem.” Once you truly get that, then you can use these 100 ways.

    The mastery of a few key paradoxes is vital. They are the paradoxes that have allowed our coaching and consulting to break through mediocrity and inspire success where there was no success before.

    Paradoxes such as:

    • 1. To get more done, slow down.
    • 2. To get your point across, stop talking.
    • 3. To hit your numbers faster, take them less seriously and make a game of it.
    • 4. To really lead people, go ahead of them.
    These are a few of the paradoxes that open leadership up into a spiral of success you have never imagined.

    Enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed writing it for you. We hope you’ll find, as we have, that leadership can be fun if you break it into 100 easy pieces.
    source:100 Ways to motivate others, how great leaders can produce Insane results without driving people crazy.

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    • Book Title: 100 Ways to motivate others
    • Author: STEVE CHANDLER
    • Category: Business & Career.
    • Genre: business and management.
    • Pages: 191
    • Size:0.529 Mo
    • Edition: The career Press, Inc
    • ISBN: 0-9762653-4-6

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